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Shiatsu uses finger pressure to correspond with the energy lines in your body. The principles are taken from acupuncture but do not use needles. The aim is to balance the energies within your body that become unbalanced when you become ill or to help maintain their healthy follow. Shiatsu encourages your body's own healing process. Therefore, it is useful as a preventative measure and as a form of relaxation. It is used to help a number of ailments, including, headaches, digestive problems, depression, tension and aches and pains.

During a session the therapist will ask about your medical history, lifestyle and take your pulse. From this they will make a diagnosis. The therapist will spend approximately one hour attending to your treatment. This is usually a relaxing experience. Chinese herbs are sometime suggested and used alongside Shiatsu to reinforce the treatment and help with any diagnosed ailments. A number of treatments may be required.

The professional association for Shiatsu is, The Shiatsu Society (UK). Here you can gain further information and names of registered practitioners:
The Shiatsu Society (UK), Eastlands Court, St Peters Rd, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 3QP.
Tel: 01788 555051
Fax: 01788 555052
email: admin@shiatsu.org
or visit their web site: www.shiatsu.org