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Self Help

Along side the benefits of complementary therapies there are a number of self-help techniques that can help maintain a healthy body and mind, as well as having a positive effect on a number of ailments that you may suffer from.

Your diet
Encouraging our bodies own healing process can be helped by a balanced diet, including as much fresh food as you can, preferably organic. This will give your body all it needs to work efficiently and fight illness and disease when it needs to. Try and avoid process foods where possible. Process foods have high contents of salt and rich, spicy ingredients, as well as a high fat and sugar content. Process foods do not give the body the fuel it needs to work properly. By avoiding buying them in the first place will stop temptation later. It can be hard when time is not on our side to find the inclination or time to spend cooking. Planning in advance and preparing dishes in advance and that can be frozen will help with this . Writing a meal plan for the week a head will help you be more organised, you can nominate members of the household a day of the week to prepare dinner. The following web site give quick, healthy recipes. All Food - Click Here

One other important factor that is sometimes underestimated is adequate sleep. When we are a sleep our bodies repair themselves and our mind processes our daily events and thoughts, therefore it is crucial for a healthy body and mind. Sleep deprivation can lead to a number of detrimental symptoms, including, anxiety, mood swing and cause relationship problems, as we are more short fused and have less patience than when we have had our quota of sleep. This is individual but is usually between 7 and 9 hours sleep. Read about sleep on Wikipedia - Click Here
Some people do find it difficult to sleep. This is where relaxation techniques come in.

Relaxation techniques
Relaxation techniques are individual, you need to find what works for you. This can be trial and error and can be used to help a number of problems, from stress to IBS.
Meditation is a popular technique. It can be done by quietening and focusing your mind. Sometime with the help of CD's and tapes that give you instructions to follow, from relaxing each individual part of your body to visualising a comforting place, such as a walk in the countryside to being by the sea. For more help and advice on meditation see Wikipedia - Click Here

Exercise also promotes relaxation. It can be anything from walking in the park to martial arts. It may be that boxing helps you let your frustration out, or yoga, that uses controlled movements and focuses your mind. Exercising to music may lift your spirits and give you a boost. Through trying the different types of exercise you will find what suits you, you enjoy best and helps you feel most relaxed after. For detailed information about the different types of exercise available, see Wikipedia - Click Here

There may be situations where you have little or no time to spend meditating or exercising. If this is the case affirmations can be used. You can spend as much or as little time with affirmations. They can be used to focus the mind or help bring things you want into your life such as love, happiness, health, anything you feel you need. Affirmations are meaningful words that are repeated over and over again. Click here for more information and affirmations.