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Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques in such a way to bring about therapeutic changes with help from the therapist. It uses the power of your mind to heal physical, emotional and mental problems. Through interaction with the hypnotherapist you can begin to discover the underlying causes to your problems.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help deal with thoughts, feelings, phobias, habits and specific issues, from sexual problems, eating disorders, skin problems, pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress and much more.

During the initial consultation the therapist will ask about your problem and about you. You must be at ease with the therapist and feel able to trust them in order to enhance the treatment. It is also important as you are in a vulnerable state and may also disclose extremely personal information. If you do not feel comfortable you should seek another therapist.

The treatment involves the therapist speaking to you, to help you enter a relaxed state. When you are in a hypnotic state they will then try to recall memories, sometime from your past and childhood. The hypnotherapist will talk to your subconscious and make suggestions that can help your problems. The hypnotherapist will bring you out of your relaxed, hypnotic state. You should feel relaxed, calm and wide a wake. It may take a number of ongoing sessions to help deal with your problem. Hypnotherapy is suitable for everyone.

To find a suitable therapist contact the, British Institute of Hypnotherapy. Here therapists must adhere to a code of ethics, have proof of training at a suitable level and have appropriate insurance. They are also expected to work within the boundaries of the institutes code of practice.

British Institute of Hypnotherapy
12 Heycroft Rd

Tel: 01702 524484
Fax:01702 524484
or visit their web site, Click Here