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Herbal Remedies - Headache

There are many varieties of haeadache some more severe in symptoms than others, almost everyone at some stage in their lifes will experience at least 1 headache. Typical forms are.

  • Tension
  • Migraine
  • Cluster

Tension Headaches

This is the most common form of headache, as the name suggests its most likely cause is stress - physical or emotional. The pain of a tension headache is often described as a tight band of pressure around the head, changes to a sufferers diet and frequent exercise is usually the best preventative treatment.


Women are far more likely to develop a migraine headache than a man, this is why it is thought that hormones possibly play a part in the onset of a migraine. A migraine pain is usually described as a pulsating or throbbing in the head often sufferers will have secondary symptoms such as numbness, nausea & sensitivity to light. Stress is also thought to be a trigger to migraine headaches.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are far less common than tension or migraines & mainly effect men. Symptoms include severe pain usually localized on one eye followed by swelling and watering of the effected region. The underlying cause of Cluster headaches is as yet unknown.


Petasites Antispasmodic for migraine-type or tension-induced headaches.
Feverfew Is thought to protect against migraine headaches if taken daily