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Herbal Remedies - Gallstones

Gallstones are solid lumps appearing in the gallbladde ( a sack located underneath the liver), these stones start to form as tiny crystals in the gallbladder & over time can grow as big as small pebbles, occasionally there is just a single gallstone, however more commonly are many more.

Gallstones that stay in the gallbladder usually give no signs or symptoms of there presence, however if the stones travel to the bile ducts that lead from the gallbladder, then intense pain can sometimes be felt by the sufferer, this type on pain is called biliary colic.

If a gallstone manages to get into the main duct leading from the liver to the intestine it can sometimes lead to a blockage of bile flow from the liver causing Jaundice.

Artichoke Reduces lipid and cholesterol levels in the blood. Assists in metabolism of fats.
Dandelion A splendid liver tonic, ideal for resolving and protecting against gallstones.