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Herbal Remedies - Eczema

Eczema is a common childhood non contagious skin condition usually causing dry red cracked & itchy skin usually appearing on the wrists, elbows, knees & ankles, children suffering form this condition commonly grow out of it before the age of 6, however in some cases it has been know to carry on in to adulthood. What initially causes Eczema is unknown although there are some factors that seem to make this skin condition more likely to appear, these being :-

  • Family history of Eczema
  • Changes in climate
  • Perticular foods
  • Chemicals, pets, pollens, dust mites.

Although Eczema cannot be cured it can however be managed, there are a variety of treatment options available for the sufferer including some herbal remedies.

Viola tricolor

Skin nourishing, Condition may get worse temporarily before clearing up.

There are often food allergies involved and many nutrients will help. A qualified Nutritionist will be able to advise you.