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Herbal Remedies - Candida

Candida is a yeast infection & is very common in women, signs of an infection usually are a white itchy discharge very irritating to the vagina it can also effect the outer tissues of the anus. Candida infections can also have an effect on a persons internal organs, the infected can also develop an intolerance to some dairy foods.

A Candida yeast infection can display some of the following symptoms :-

  • chronic hives
  • depression
  • impotence
  • muscle pain
  • fatigue

Other forms of Candida infections are oral Candidiasis (or thrush), this is displayed by thick white patches on top of a red base occurring anywhere inside the mouth, bleeding usually occurs if the infected area is scraped or wiped, oral thrush can become very painful and often sufferers can find it difficult to eat. It is also possible for Candidiasis to develop on newborn babies, this usually takes the form of a rash appearing around warmer parts of the babies body i.e Nappy area & skin folds.

Spilanthes Antifungal herb to be taken internally.
Echinacea Antifungal and strengthens immune response.