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Colour Therapy

Colour therapy uses the idea that colour can effect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Colour therapists have different views on the theory and practice of colour therapy. One particular view uses colour to rebalance our own energy centers or chakras that are said to become drained of energy through our life style, illness and many other things. Other therapists consider your aura, which is made up of colours, by observing your aura using a Kilner screen. This is sheets of glass with a cyanine dye between them. When you are observed behind this the therapist can identify the parts of your body, mental and emotional state's that are lacking in health.

Colour therapists who are concerned with your chakras use the seven colours of light spectrum. These represent our seven chakras. Colour therapy re-energises and balances these chakras to encourage our bodies own healing process. When the chakras are stimulated by the seven colours of light it is said to enhance our own healing capacity.

The initial consultation will indicate what colours need to be used. Colour therapists will ask about your medical history and lifestyle. The treatment will include the application of colour, this depends upon the style of the individual therapist. Some therapists may use meditation with colour, others may use colour breathing, while some use coloured light placed upon the body, usually with a light box and filters. Treatments also includes changing your diet to include certain coloured foods that have specific reactions to the body.

Drinking rainbow water that has been left in the sunlight and placed in coloured bottles, then left to absorb these colours is said when drunk to provide you the specific energies that you are lacking.
Colour therapy is for everyone and is a relaxing experience.

When seeking a colour therapist, The International Association of Colour Healers can provide you with a list of therapists.

The International Association of Colour Healers
33 St Leonards Court
East Sheen
SW14 7NG