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During a Chiropractic session the therapist uses their hands to manipulate your muscles and joints. For this reason it is very useful for people who suffer from pains in their back and neck, legs, chest or stomach, usually caused by lifestyle or accidents. It also helps conditions such as, headaches, sciatica, poor muscle and joint functions. It is suitable for everyone and is not usually painful.

During the first treatment the practitioner will examine you fully, with specific attention made to the area of complaint. Your blood pressure and heart rate will be recorded and an x-ray may be taken if necessary. A diagnosis will be made and your condition will be considered for its suitable for Chiropractic treatment. You will be asked about your medical history and lifestyle, this will help the Chiropractitioner fully diagnose you.

On diagnosis your problem will be treated accordingly. This is done by manipulative techniques being carried out to help correct and ease the problem. This is where the Chiropractitioner uses their hands to help adjust the joints and muscles that may be the cause of your problem. It usually requires a number of treatments.

For further information and to find a Chiropractitioner near you visit, www.chiropractic-uk.co.uk or write to,

British Chiropractic Association
Blagrave House
17 Blagrave Street

Tel; 0118 9505950
Fax: 0118 9588946