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Welcome to the Complementary Therapy Resources Website

Therapies & Self Help



This website has been developed for people seeking an insight into complementary therapies.

Here the therapies are explained, including what is involved and what health problems and elements they can help.

Most complementary therapies have accreditation boards and councils - it is advised that you choose a therapist who is a member of one of these. These are also included at the end of the complementary therapies.

These organisations ensure therapists who register with them are appropriately qualified and are bound by a code of ethics, practice and health and safety. If you are unsure if a therapist is a member of a appropriate accreditation board or council, by searching the professional bodies and organisations it will enable you to find out if they are listed.

There is also a self-help section - here are ideas that have been gathered from people who have used specific techniques from which they have benefited.